The Nike Adapt Huarache is a smart shoe you can control with Apple Watch and Siri

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30 August 2019 / 15:58BST

1991. What a concept! Terminator 2: Judgement Day granted living legend status to a certain meaty Austrian, Nirvana released Nevermind to kick off the grunge era, and Nike unveiled its iconic Huarache sneaker. Fast-forward nearly three decades and history is repeating itself. Arnie is about to release another Terminator movie, and Nike is dragging the Huarache into the future by turning the retro sneaker into a smart shoe called the Nike Adapt Huarache. The revamped trainer uses Nike FitAdapt technology, which includes a motor-driven self-lacing system, to let wearers adjust their fit on the fly. What's particularly impressive about the Adapt Huarache is the fact it can be controlled with an app that connects to Apple Watch and Siri, meaning you can now use a virtual assistant or smartwatch to tweak your preferences in a snap. Far out, dude!