Keep your back straight or good-posture wearable Upright Go will give you a buzz

Chin up
09 October 2017 / 14:23BST

Wander about with an Upright Go (£80) and you might get looks of concern. After all, the thing looks like someone’s sneakily glued a small desktop mouse to your back. But you’ll get the last laugh, because this tiny wearable’s designed to keep your back in full working order – handy, given that back pain reportedly affects 80 per cent of Brits at a some point. The wearable works alongside an Android, iOS or watchOS app, and has two modes. In Tracking Mode, it’ll log how slouch-prone you are, enabling you to later delve into data and tips. But in Training Mode, it’ll buzz when it deems you’re not correctly sitting at your chair, or have taken to shuffling about, hunched over, like a reject from a 1990s Madchester band.