Insta Ring is a wearable camera that shoots 4K video and yet slips over a finger

It’s a little bit handy
07 November 2018 / 16:31GMT

As you’ve no doubt heard far too many times, the best phone is the one you have on you. Which is a tiny problem if you’re hurtling down a waterslide, or up to your neck in sand, given that such things are likely to knacker your smartphone-shaped pride and joy. For such occasions, behold: Insta Ring (£68). This tiny wearable slips on to a finger, and yet packs a punch in terms of tech. You can shoot 12MP stills or 4K video, making use of OIS and a built-in mic. There’s 128GB of storage, wireless charging, and the unit’s shockproof and waterproof to 50m. Handily, you can also make the diminutive wearable beep when you’re faffing about taking your billionth selfie of the day, and manage to lose the tiny camera down the back of an atom.