Huawei’s Talkband B6 is a fitness tracker that doubles as a Bluetooth headset

Mid-2000s throwback you can strap to your wrist
28 August 2020 / 16:59BST

If you're a budding stockbroker wanting to relive the glory days of the mid-2000s, then Huawei just launched the smart band of your pinstriped dreams. With the touch of a button its curved AMOLED body detaches from your wrist, transforming it into an honest to goodness bluetooth headset - remember those? When you're not closing multi-million pound deals, you can take advantage of its fitness tracking, which includes all the usual activity monitoring you can muster. Throw in heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen and stress tracking smarts, and you've got a likely contender for the most powerful Bluetooth headset in history. The Talkband B6 comes in five stylish colours (including 'Camellia', a type of plant, apparently), from £180. If you missed the hands-free trend the first time round, you can chair your high profile business meetings in a quiet Tesco queue from today.