Get a double helping of retro bling with Casio’s gold-plated A100 digital watch featuring Pac-Man

Watch out for monsters
20 July 2021 / 11:25BST

How much retro is enough? Casio layers it on thick with the Casio A100WEPC (£95). The previously announced A100 is a modern take on the classic F-100. That late 1970s number’s once-futuristic styling resulted in it famously being worn by Ripley in Alien. It now goes for silly money on eBay. The A100WEPC adds classic gaming’s most famous glutton to the mix. This iteration of the watch is gold-plated, reportedly to echo the original yellow Pac-Man cabinet. Hmm. Less suspect authenticity comes by way of the watch face, which features Pac-Man, the famous monsters/ghosts, and the ‘Illuminator’ logo in the iconic Pac-Man font. Completing the look is a laser-etched band, with the dot-gobbler, fragments of maze – and yet more ghosts. On the case’s rear, you get the Pac-Man logo and icons. This watch could only be more Pac-Man if Casio had somehow figured out how to actually run the game on it.