G-Shock expands elite MR-G range with Bluetooth support for uber-precise timekeeping

Right on time
22 November 2019 / 11:15GMT

G-Shock has updated its elite MR-G range of premium watches with a new bluetooth connected model that promises to combine "extreme toughness with sophisticated design." Although it could probably use a catchier name, the new MRG-B1000D-1AER (£2,200) impresses elsewhere, and manages to squash all the original technology of its predecessors into a new miniaturised case structure that's compact and sleek. It's also a bit of a looker in monocrome set against subtle pops of colour. By far the standout feature, however, is its ability to receive time calibration signals via a bluetooth connection to maintain an impeccably precise time setting. It's a neat touch that should mean you're never late again - assuming you possess the inhuman ability to actually roll out of bed on time.