The Fitbit Luxe is a fully-stacked fitness tracker with bags of style

Witness the fitness
19 April 2021 / 18:02BST

Inspired by jewellery design techniques, the Luxe is the thinnest and best-looking Fitbit fitness tracker to date. Since Google acquired Fitbit, the emphasis has been about seeing fitness in a holistic way, taking into account sleep, stress and nutrition, as well as all the regular stuff, like calories and distance. Fitbit's Sense introduced a slew of sensors to track the likes of SpO2, and all these features can also be found on the elegant Fitbit Luxe (£129.99). It’s fully waterproof, with a silicone strap, and claimed to have a 5-day battery life. The vivid AMOLED screen will display smartphone notifications, but can easily be hushed with the ‘do not disturb’ mode. Sign up to a monthly subscription of Fitbit Premium and you'll be able to unlock even more benefits, such as guided meditation by no other than Deepak Chopra, plus tailored health programmes.