Samsung’s new 8K TVs upscale using AI

What do you mean you've only just got used to 4K?
30 August 2018 / 11:48BST

Finally settled on which 4K TV you’re going to buy? Well empty your basket and put the credit card away, because the one you picked is already out of date. It’s all thanks to Samsung’s new Q900R range, which starts at 65in and goes up to 85in, all with 8K QLED HDR screens. What’s the point of that if there’s nothing in 8K to watch? Well each one has AI upscaling onboard, which uses machine learning to more accurately fill in the gaps and put every pixel to good use. It can also work its magic on the sound. They’ll be available to buy in October and while there’s no pricing info available right now, you can probably put them in the drawer marked ‘not cheap’.