The Panasonic UB9000 gives your 4K Blu-rays the Hollywood treatment

With Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support as well as reference grade audio, who needs the cinema?
15 February 2018 / 14:30GMT

There’s only one word to describe people who buy 200mph-capable cars to drive around housing estates: idiots. Saying that, many of us are guilty of something similar by buying an ultra-expensive Ultra HD TV only to feed it standard 4K content from the likes of Netflix and Sky Q. Have Panasonic’s UB9000 4K Blu-ray player accompany your flashy TV, though, and you’ll get maximum bang for your buck with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision support – two HDR formats that are setting the standard for picture perfection. Panasonic has given audio a major upgrade too, with the UB9000 featuring 7.1 channel audio, a ‘high performance’ DAC and a dedicated audio power supply. These audiophile terms going over your head? They essentially mean that once you hook the UB9000 up to a worthy surround sound system those blockbuster explosions will sound so convincing that you'll be diving under the sofa for cover. There will also be future support for Alexa and Google Assistant, making pausing and rewinding a voice-controlled cinch. A release date and price are yet to be confirmed, but expect the UB9000 to cost a fee to match its Hollywood glam.