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Huawei’s Vision V-Series TVs come with Devialet sound

Better the Devialet you know

There are lots of top-notch duos Stuff is happy to publicly endorse – Bang & Olufsen, Andre and Big Boi from Outkast, chips and gravy – but recently we’ve been very much onboard with what Huawei and French audio demons Devialet have been up to. The latest temptation to emerge from this unlikely collaboration is the Vision V-Series Smart Screens – a range of 55, 65, 75 and 85in 4K HDR TVs with up to nine Devialet-designed speakers, an ultra-thin subwoofer and passive bass radiator, plus 75W of power to make the most of them. They’re also capable of Atmos-style 3D surround sound, with a special algorithm onboard that can detect the shape of your room and adjust the audio accordingly. Each one also comes with an ultra-wide-angle AI camera that, combined with Huawei’s Harmony OS, means it can be paired with other devices and used to guide you through yoga and fitness classes, which is about as 2021 as it’s possible to get in one sentence. They’ll be available in China first, with prices starting at the equivalent of around £610 and going up to £2445, but we’ll be keeping an ear out for news of a UK launch.