19ft tall C Seed 301 is the world’s biggest garden-friendly TV

And it folds up into its own underground lair
03 July 2019 / 16:41BST

If you want to show the scale of something it’s common to use a coin. But put 50p or a quid next to C Seed’s new 4K TV and you’d struggle to pick it out in any photo. Why? Because the 301 in its name stands for 301in, meaning you’d be better off using a giraffe. A telly so big inevitably takes up a lot of space when it’s not being used, so C Seed has developed a special seven-panel folding mechanism and underground storage. It’s made of carbon fibre and titanium, meaning the 301 is as light as possible but can still withstand winds of up to 50km/h before having to automatically retract into its lair. On sunny days, though, 4500 nits of brightness and a 4500:1 contrast ratio means it’s still very watchable, while a 2700-watt, nine-speaker system takes care of the sound. If you’ve got a garden big enough for a 301 you’ve probably also got the US$1.5m needed to buy one, although no amount of money will change the fact that you’ll need to wait until mid-2020 until it’s ready for delivery.