Hot-foot it with the Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels

Benny and his Jetts...
29 January 2018 / 17:57GMT

Running horrendously late? Get your motor-assisted move on by ‘quick-clicking’ these 50mm haste-makers to the back of your kickers. A pressure-sensitive power motor fires up once you’ve strapped in and started rolling, delivering speeds of up 10mph for 30 minutes of continous use. Powered by a 12-volt, lithium-ion quick-change battery, with any luck you’ll have canned heat left over in your heels for tonight (baby), too. Launching this summer, the Razor Turbo Jetts have a suggested retail price of £129.99 and will securely fit trainers UK youth size 11 to adult 11. Might be worth practising in the park before you try any carve turns or slasher grinds in front of colleagues, though.

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