A gorgeous, mechanical brick-built Hedwig soars into Lego’s Harry Potter collection

28 April 2020 / 16:33BST

Lego’s announced a bunch of new Harry Potter sets (see the ‘new’ badges), which are available for pre-order now and for sale on 1 June. There are loads of movie scenes with minifigs, as you’d expect: Forbidden Forest, with a giant posable Grawp; the 40cm tall Hogwarts Astronomy Tower; 4 Privet Drive, complete with flying car. But we’re the most taken by Hedwig (£34.99). This display piece captures the character and texture of Harry’s hooting chum, the owl’s feathered form cleverly recreated in plastic bricks. But that’s not all — turn the crank and Hedwig’s wings flap, presumably helping him on an urgent mission to deliver a letter to your bank manager to ask if they can magic some cash into your account, given that you’ve just spent all of it on Harry Potter Lego.

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