Gaze at distant galaxies and do your bit for science with the eVscope smart telescope

Ready, get SETI, go
07 November 2017 / 15:41GMT

Smart jackets? Pfft. Smart doorbells? Dodgy. Smart cooking pots? Whatever. Smart telescopes that are 100 times more powerful than classical telescopes, automatically align with stars, and enable you to play citizen scientist? Now you’re talking. And that’s eVscope ($1,499, plus shipping and taxes) in a nutshell. Via the magic of patent-pending tech, a custom low-light sensor, and proprietary image processing algorithms, it gives you an insanely detailed view of the cosmos at a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. An app can align eVscope to whatever you fancy gawping at, and campaign mode (in partnership with SETI) dings you with notifications, so you can observe asteroids and comets whizzing past, and feel all smug when scientists make amazing discoveries based on data you helped collect.

Where to buy

eVscope is already funded on Kickstarter. You have until 24 November to pledge.

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