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Dragonfly Hyperscooter is the Lambo you can stand on

And it has a price tag to match

Most electric scooters you see have been dumped on the pavement waiting for their next renter to scoot off into the sunset – but you can be pretty sure Dragonfly’s luxurious Hyperscooter (from US$5000) will be treated with a bit more care and attention. Made from carbon fibre, aerospace grade aluminium and Paulownia wood, with LED lights and a 4.5in 4K screen, its motors deliver 1800W to each wheel, meaning a maximum speed of 38mph and a range of up to 11 miles. There are three- and four-wheel versions and if you’re worried about it being half-inched, each one comes with an RFID fob, ear-splitting alarm and GPS so you can track it if someone sticks it in the back of a van. The Hyperscooter won’t be available until summer 2020, by which time you might actually be able to legally ride one in the UK. Fingers crossed, eh?