Silicon Power’s Mobile C50 is Stuff’s USB Stick of the Week

And it’s only Monday
31 July 2017 / 18:05BST

We love a good USB stick here at Stuff. But it can’t just be any old common or garden thumb drive. When rating a USB stick there are two things to take into consideration: form factor and capacity. On the former, Silicon Power’s Mobile C50 clearly knocks it out the park. Look at all those connectors! That’s the clean sweep of USBs A, Micro-B and C, with some classy blue highlights and sweet articulating ends to open or close depending on which one you’re after. “But what about capacity?” you quite rightly ask. “Surely it can’t nail both?” Wrong! This little baby starts at 32GB and tops out at 128GB, officially making it Stuff’s USB Stick of the Week.

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