Razer's Chroma HDK lights the way to PC nirvana

It's like Philips Hue but for your PC
04 August 2017 / 16:17BST

Remember when Philips made that Ambilight kit for gaming PCs? You know, the one that also blew air in your face when you played a driving game? Just us? Well Razer’s Chroma HDK (£80) will let you build your own (minus the fans, sadly). You get two strips of 16 LEDs in the box that can be programmed to work in sync with certain games and Razer’s other Chroma-equipped kit. The system supports 16.8m colours, which change depending on what’s happening on-screen, and, if you’re going for the Blackpool Illuminations look, you can add up to 32 more lights, either inside or outside your PC case.

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