OviStand Rise is an ultraportable foldable stand for your laptop

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09 May 2019 / 15:46BST

Laptops are great for convenience – and nightmarish for your back. When yours is set on a desk, you look down towards the screen, adding pressure to your spine. Poor ergonomics over time can lead to permanent back pain. A stand can help, but most aren’t terribly portable. OviStand Rise (€28) gets around this problem by being a flat-pack marvel. Despite slipping into a microfibre sleeve you can sling in a bag, this stand can be constructed and collapsed in mere seconds. Despite its lightweight construction, it’ll hold up to 30kg, and silicone bumpers keep up to 15.6in laptops in place, even at frighteningly steep angles. Mind you, if you’re using a 30kg laptop on a 30-degree incline, you’ve got bigger problems than poor ergonomics.

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