Microsoft’s Surface Go is a 10-inch lightweight tablet to slip into your rucksack

Hey! Ho! Let's Go
10 July 2018 / 10:57BST

At only 521 grams, it’s just like carrying a can of soup in your bag, only far more slender and a whole load more useful for accessing all your favourite apps, Office 365, and a high-res display that supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for smooth sailing with the dedicated Surface Pen. With its relatively modest Intel Pentium Gold Processor, it’ll give you up to nine hours of battery life. That should put you in good stead to bash out a presentation for work, watch a few Netflix episodes and then relax with a podcast - just as well there’s a headphone jack, for when wireless cans fail you. At a very reasonable £379.99, the Surface Go might just achieve some real staying power, and with a 23 August release date it will arrive just in time for school.

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