Lenovo’s new Yoga Pad Pro 13 is a versatile tablet that won’t sit still

Here’s hoping it comes to the UK soon
26 May 2021 / 17:07BST

Long gone are the days when a tablet just being a tablet was enough. No, if you’re launching a tablet these days, you’d better make sure it’s a Swiss Army slab, like Lenovo’s Yoga Pad Pro 13. You’ll be prodding away at a 13in 16:10 LCD touchscreen display with a 2160x1350 resolution, 400 nits of brightness and support for both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision, while a Snapdragon 870, 8GB of RAM and a sizeable 10,200mAh battery sit underneath. But it’s the extra features that make the Yoga Pad Pro interesting. Its handle-shaped kickstand of sorts can be used to either prop up the tablet at various angles, or hang it on a wall, while an HDMI-in on the side allows you to use the tablet as a portable second screen for your laptop or, as Lenovo suggests, an on-the-go Nintendo Switch monitor. The Yoga Pad Pro 13 is currently up for pre-order in China, but no word yet on whether it’s coming to the West.

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