The HP S430c is a curved ultra wide monitor that can tangle with two PCs at once

Ahead of the curve
19 September 2019 / 11:15BST

Bigger isn't always better, unless of course you're talking about pizza, friendly giants, or curved ultra wide monitors. Speaking of the latter (what a fortuitous segue), allow us to introduce you to the new HP S430c Curved Ultra Wide Monitor ($999), a 43.2in display that can only succinctly be described as an absolute longerino. The lengthy 21:9 display provides the same amount of real estate as two dual 24in monitors side-by-side, and features HP Device Bridge, a new technology that lets users seamlessly and simultaneously control two PCs at once. That means you can copy and paste between devices with a single keyboard and mouse, and pull off other fancy productivity tricks. Those of you with a big enough desk will be able to grab the HP S430c when it arrived on November 4.

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