The GPD P2 Max is a tiny 8.9in ultrabook that packs in plenty of power – and full-size keys

Good thing; small package
02 July 2019 / 15:07BST

Take one look at the latest ultrabook from GPD, and it's enough to make you think machines like the MacBook and Surface Pro 6 are unwieldy giant beasts. That's because the GPD P2 Max (from $531) is comparatively dinky, weighing 640g and with a similar footprint to the iPad mini. GPD has nonetheless packed in an 8.9in 2560×1600 touchscreen, an Intel core m3–8100Y processor, fingerprint unlocking, enough ports to make a MacBook green with envy (2xUSB-A; USB-C; micro HDMI; headphone), a trackpad, and a webcam – albeit one that unfortunately points right up your nose. Remarkably, you also get full-size keys for tapping away at; and even though there’s some multi-function madness going on to squeeze everything in, it reminds Stuff of the ZX Spectrum, which can only be a good thing. Fortunately, though, the GPD P2 Max’s keys aren’t made from rubber. Because that would be weird.

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