Apple’s new MacBook Pro notebooks are insanely fast, with True Tone displays, and finally get “Hey Siri”

They’ve got the touch
12 July 2018 / 16:14BST

Annoyed Apple never updates its Macs? Well, feast your eyes on the revamped MacBook Pro. Only the Touch Bar versions have become “more pro” (sorry, actual function key fans), but they get major boosts to processing power (up to 2x on the 13-inch, and 70 per cent on the 15-inch), and a 32GB RAM configuration, for when you absolutely must launch every app you own. The revamp adds iPad-like True Tone displays (matching the screen’s colour temperature to your environment), the security-enhancing T2 chip introduced with the iMac Pro (so you can now yell “Hey Siri” at your Mac), and a quieter keyboard (so people won’t throw their own notebooks at you during noisy typing sessions, in a desperate attempt to get you to stop). Naturally, all this ‘proness’ comes at a price: from £1749, to be exact. Still, at least you can more easily ask Siri where to buy boil-in-the-bag noodles for dinner, when you spend all your spare cash on one of these shiny beauties.

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