Apple’s new 13in MacBook Pro: more storage, more power, and a Magic Keyboard

Keys are good
05 May 2020 / 15:05BST

Apple’s 16in MacBook Pro was a revelation in terms of keyboard and audio, leaving prospective owners of the 13in models a bit miffed. No longer, because 2020’s revamped MacBook Pro 13in (from £1299) brings across many of its big brother’s goodies. You don’t get a bigger screen (hence it still being a 13in MacBook Pro), but there is a physical escape key, inverted T arrow keys, a keyboard that’s much better for typing on, and a much-improved speaker system. Apple’s doubled storage across the board, too. For the high-end model, plenty more is also new, including 10th-gen Intel Core i5/i7 processors and Intel Iris Plus Graphics, which are capable of running a Pro Display XDR at a full 6K resolution. One thing that hasn’t changed is the price, with that properly pro MacBook Pro starting at £1799.

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