Acer's ultra-skinny Aspire S24 could make supermodels insecure

All-in-one PCs don't get slimmer than this. Not even with diet pills
01 September 2017 / 11:00BST

You need more than a strict diet and a workout regimen to be this thin. Acer has worked its magic on the Aspire S24 all-in-one, sending it off to fat camp and not coming to collect until it achieved a barely-there 5.97mm side profile. A 90% screen to body ratio means your eyes will be instantly drawn to one of the most beautiful desktops we've ever seen. As much as you would like to just stare at it, though, it's still a desktop - not a piece of modern art. That means it needs to perform as brilliantly as it looks, which is where the 8th-gen Intel Core processor, 256 GB SSD and a 2TB HDD step up to the plate. We're still waiting on price, but we're betting you'll need a wedge of notes thicker than the machine itself.

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