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Swann’s new 4K security camera line-up is the clearest yet

The new smart security camera range from Swann promises a wire-free set-up with 4K resolution and streaming over Wi-Fi

Swann New 4K range

Swann is a pretty big name in home security, with the better part of three decades under the brand’s belt. Some of its most popular products are the smart home cameras, which offer a DIY-first approach. And with this new range of 4K security cameras, keeping an eye on your gaff is clearer than ever.

Leading the charge is Swann’s AllSecure4K+ Wireless Security Kit. This isn’t just any old security setup; we’re talking four wire-free 4K cameras and a Wi-Fi NVR Power Hub. It stores a whopping 1TB of footage and has its own charging bay to keep the battery juiced up and ready. No more fretting about gaps in your security during recharge times. With True Detect AI tech sniffing out heat, motion, and the occasional fox trotting by, and Night2Day colour vision, this kit’s got your back 24/7.

But there’s more! The SwannBuddy4K Wireless Video Doorbell is here to make sure you never miss a visitor, wanted or otherwise. With 4K Ultra HD video, this doorbell lets you see everything from the delivery guy’s awkward smile to the exact brand of the shoes he’s wearing. With a battery life that lasts a solid three months, free cloud storage, and a 32GB MicroSD card, it’s a steal.

Swann’s Xtreem4K Wireless Camera brings its A-game with a 110° view angle, built-in spotlights, and a battery life that would make the Energizer Bunny envious. It’s kitted out with all the AI bells and whistles, plus a free 32GB MicroSD card for your viewing pleasure. And the Floodlight 4K Powered Wi-Fi Security Camera not only lights up your garden, but also throws in a siren and two-way chat for good measure.

Fancy upping your home security? Swann’s new range of 4K security cams are available to order directly from the brand. The AllSecure4K+ can be yours for the princely sum of £600, with extra cameras going for £110 a pop. Or, the SwannBuddy4K doorbell goes for £170, the Xtreem4K camera is also £170, and the Floodlight camera is £180.

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