Zanco tiny t2 is a thumb-sized 3G-enabled mobile phone that’ll last for a week

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14 January 2020 / 11:34GMT

As smartphones mushroom in size, we at Stuff sometimes hanker for a smaller blower. However, the Zanco tiny t2 ($69) might take things a bit too far. This absurdly dinky phone is pocketable to the point it’d squeeze into a coin pocket on a pair of jeans. But despite its diminutive form (61×30×16.5mm; 31g), it still packs in plenty of functionality: 3G; week-long standby; Bluetooth; music playback; a stills and video camera. You can even play games like Doodle Jump and Crossy Road on the 1in 128×96px display. Natch, you won’t be shooting top-notch snaps on the Zanco, nor making your shiny new iPhone jealous. But as a spare when your main blower’s out of juice, a cheap mobile for the kids, or a piece of tech for making you feel a bit like a giant, it may well fit the bill.