Whether you’re House Apple or House Samsung, Phone-Thrones is an epic phone charger

Game of phones
17 May 2019 / 9:00BST

Winter might not be coming (yet), but the end of Game of Thrones is (sniff). Fortunately, you can (sort of) rekindle the magic by playing off your smartphones against each other, figuring out who will win the iron — sorry, wooden — throne. That’s right: Phone-Thrones (from about £13) gives you a suitably spiky stand in which to safely plonk your device – assuming no-one’s waiting in the wings to slice it in half with a sword. Go for the ‘Complete’ option, and the DIY chair of champions is augmented with a wireless charger with iron dragon print. And you won’t have to bend the knee either – merely fling a few quid at this Kickstarter, while giddily waiting for the day when you can yell: “You know nothing, John Phone!”