The teeny Palm phone is a Vodafone exclusive in the UK

Now to get your head around why it actually exists
26 October 2018 / 13:27BST

What’s the best way to tear yourself away from your smartphone? Buy a much smaller auxiliary smartphone, of course! This really is the thinking behind the recently relaunched Palm’s new device. The credit card-sized Palm phone pairs with your main burner (Android or iOS), runs Android 8.1 and even has a couple of cameras. But while it’s a fully-functional smartphone on paper, the idea is that you won’t be as glued to it. It’s a lightweight alternative for when the odd text or email is all that’s necessary, and spending 15 minutes scrolling through your Twitter feed on a 3.3in display isn’t quite so tempting. No word on price or availability yet, but we do know that Vodafone will have six months exclusivity before other providers can get involved.