Supreme's new 'Burner' feature phone is one for the hypebeast generation

Lunacy or genius?
23 August 2019 / 9:41BST

I'll level with you, when it comes to fashion, youth culture, and generally being down with the kids, I'm probably the most painstakingly pedestrian twenty-something you'll meet. So, when I look at the new Supreme 'Burner' phone from Blu, the only thing I see is a brazen marketing gimmick that'll likely be lapped up by people 10 years my junior. Yet, despite that harsh take, I have to applaud the fashion brand for slapping a giant version of its logo on a low-end brick that has stand-out features including 3G capabilities and a vague "built-in camera." It's an inspired move that'll likely convince a gaggle of self-styled hypebeasts to (temporarily) ditch their iPhone in pursuit of fleeting social recognition. Well played, Supreme. Well played.