The OLED-toting LG G8 ThinQ scans veins to unlock it

Palm reading this way
24 February 2019 / 18:45GMT

The LG G8 ThinQ wants you to know two things. One: it’s serious about sound. The Boombox feature continues on this model and is now able to output stereo sound with DTS:X and 32bit Hi-Fi Quad Dac. It’s even called upon Hi-Fi experts Meridian Audio to bring high–res audio to the G8, plus there’s a headphone jack. And finally, a 6.1in OLED screen to match the stellar sound. And the second thing LG want you to know is that it’s different. Different in that you can now unlock the G8 with your palm, the option to use fingerprint or face remains. The front-facing ToF ‘Z’ camera scans your veins for authentication. But you’ll soon forget how creepy that sounds when you learn about Air Control which allows you to answer calls, take screen shots and pump up the volume without making a sound or touching your screen. A kind of magic. Price and availability TBC.