Nokia is bringing the 8110 bananaphone back, with added 4G

Get ready for a 4G revival of the original fruit-flavoured handset
25 February 2018 / 16:00GMT

Back in 1999, there was nothing cooler than Nokia's 8110 slider phone. Sure, it was about as big as a brick, but Keanu Reeves had one while he was dodging bullets and learning Kung fu in the The Matrix, so naturally we all wanted one. Well now you can: Nokia is bringing it back for 2018. Essentially it's the same phone underneath as last year's 3310 reboot, the new 8110 is a modern upgrade with colour screen, rear camera and 4G connectivity to speed up those app downloads or web browsing sessions. It's still very much a feature phone, so don't expect much in the way of extras, but you do at least get a 21st century version of Snake to keep you busy. It'll be going on sale in May for €79, just in time for you to be the coolest kid at this year's festival season.