Doogee’s S90 modular smartphone is tougher than you

And it can see better in the dark too
21 January 2019 / 15:07GMT

Doogee made a name for itself back in 2017 when it launched the BL7000 - a smartphone with a 7060mAh battery inside that made the Energizer Bunny look like a pathetic, wheezing quitter. Its latest proposition, however, is a little more ambitious. Currently begging for coins over on Kickstarter, the S90 is a rugged, Android-powered 6.18in smartphone that can be augmented with various modular attachments, including a night-vision camera, walkie talkie, gamepad and a battery booster that gives you 10050mAh to play with. The main phone itself comes with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of built-in storage and a 16+8MP dual rear camera setup, plus it’s sturdy enough to spend two whole weeks in 1.5m of water and come out unharmed, which makes it the ideal phone for manatees. Probably.