The colourful Honor 10 has dual cameras and wears its notch with pride

And it’ll cost a lot less than the iPhone X
15 May 2018 / 15:30BST

The first question posed to any new smartphone in 2018: Are you notch, or no notch? The new Honor 10 is the former, so get used to it. It’s a notch that has more in common with that of its sort-of cousin the Huawei P20, though, in that it’s less obtrusive than the iPhone X’s trend-starter. Glass on both sides, near bezel-less and sporting an iridescent colour coating - it shifts between purple and blue in the Phantom Blue Edition depending on the viewing angle - the Honor 10 is definitely a looker. You’ll have to make do with an 1080p LCD display, but there’s an under-glass fingerprint sensor, a headphone jack, facial recognition and a Kirin 970 chip keeping everything ticking along. As for cameras, there's a dual 16MP and 24MP setup on the rear, both of which are assisted by AI trickery, while a 24MP front snapper will make sure your Friday night pub selfies are a lot more detailed than you’d like. The asking price? Just £399.