The Tetra transparent dishwasher is no longer a pipe dream

You can actually pre-order this eco-friendly time-saver very soon
06 January 2019 / 17:00GMT

Live in a tiny flat? Then you can probably forget about such luxuries as dishwashers – they’ll take up too much space in your shoebox of a kitchenette. But what’s that? A shout from the back of the room? It’s American company Heatworks and its beautiful Tetra, a tiny countertop dishwasher with a see-through lid. Designed to accommodate a meal’s worth of plates, glasses et al at one time, the Tetra was actually announced way back at CES 2018, but Heatworks has spent the past year refining its design and bringing what was essentially a concept to actual product life. The result? You’ll be able to pre-order this soapy little scorcher – which features no heating element, and takes only 10 minutes to do a full wash – in the first quarter of 2019 for the not-too-ludicrous price of US$299 (around £235).

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