The Teforia Leaf knows tea better than you, brews it to perfection

No milk, no sugar, all flavour
20 June 2017 / 15:26BST

Dunk the bag, count to three, give it a stir: for most, that’s the easy way to make tea. As coffee, though, tea has more than its share of addicts and aficionados. You know, the sort that’ll tell you the ideal brew time and temperature dependent on the type? Thankfully, the Teforia Leaf (US$399) is here to make them gulp. A counter-top brewer with a brain, feed the Leaf tea packages and it’ll automatically know the best method by which to brew them depending on the leaves inside, to bring out subtleties of flavour that’ll have connoisseurs cooing. Oh, and it looks suitably stylish, too.

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