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Swann’s 4K Enforcer Kit keeps your crib safer than ever

I spy with my little eye

It’s said that an Englishman’s home is his castle, but there are two main reasons that saying is out of date. First, it’s sexist, and second, it’s frowned upon these days to use cannons or boiling vats of oil to protect against baddies. Besides, it’s not their fault they work for Yodel. But the protection side of it still applies and Swann’s 4K Enforcer Kit (£TBA) means business. You get four bullet and two dome cameras that can all record 4K colour video day and night to the system’s hard drive, with Dropbox back-up also available. They’re all wired but use Power over Ethernet tech, so don’t need batteries or a power cable to get them up and running, plus there are built-in sirens, rozzer-style flashing lights and two-way audio to make any nefarious characters caught on camera think twice about carrying on regardless. Face recognition also means you can tell it who the good guys are, so you only need to pay attention to the notifications if one of the cameras spots an unidentified mug. You’re still thinking about those cannons, aren’t you?