Spy on your dog with the Anthouse Pet Companion smart robot

A good pal for your good boy
12 September 2017 / 15:14BST

They’re taking our jobs, they’ve hijacked our fridges, and now robots are threatening to override our age-old best friend status with dogs. Resisting our new electro-overlords is futile, especially when they’re as cool as the Anthouse Pet Companion (from $299, now funding on Kickstarter), an app-controlled robot that’ll keep your pet entertained when you’re not in the house. It sort of looks like an ex-Robot Wars contender that turned to pacifism after a sudden epiphany. From the smart app, you can watch livestream video to see how accurate The Secret Life of Pets really was, and talk lovingly to your pooch through a walkie-talkie. It’ll remotely dispense treats with a touch of a button and even has a mini-tennis ball launcher for a quick game of fetch. 

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