The Reolink Go is a wireless security camera that has no need for WiFi

Lensing you a hand
24 April 2018 / 16:39BST

Setting up a smart security camera in your house is getting simpler by the day, but what if you want one in your shed, in your holiday home, on your boat, or on a tree? What then, eh? These are all suggested locations for the Reolink Go, a security camera that doesn’t require a WiFi connection to work. When there isn’t one available, it can hop onto a 4G network, provided you’re happy to sign up to a data plan. Completely wireless, you can power the Go with either a rechargeable battery or an optional solar panel, with weatherproofing ensuring it really can go anywhere. Otherwise, the feature set is as you’d expect: night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, smartphone notifications and an app-based 1080p livestream that you can check on whenever you like. Pre-orders start at $119.

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