The Petcube Cam is a compact HD smart cam that'll help you care for your furballs

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23 September 2020 / 11:53BST

Self-styled 'connected pet' company Petcube has launched a teeny tiny home camera that'll let pet owners keep tabs on their furry companions when they're not around. The recent lockdown measures mean many pets have become acclimatised to their owners being at home, and as those COVID-19 restrictions continue to ebb and flow, they could easily become stressed at the constantly shifting routines. That's where the Petcube Cam ($39.99) comes in. The affordable smart camera, which takes the form of a 2.1in plastic standing cube, is capable of streaming crisp 1080p video day or night thanks to a 110-degree wide-angle lens with 8x digital zoom and night vision functionality, and will help animal lovers keep a watchful eye on their beloved furball during these topsy turvy times. Cam users can even speak with and hear their pet 24/7 thanks to two-way audio, while support for Fuzzy Pet Health also grants access to online vet consultations (accessed via the Petcube app) to help allay any immediate worries or concerns - with Petcube Cam owners being gifted one free consultation straight out of the box. The Petcube Cam is available in the U.S. right now, and will hopefully be heading to the UK in the near future. 

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