Peeqo is a kit-built Raspberry Pi-powered robot pal who speaks using GIFs and video

He’s a bit animated
27 February 2019 / 17:02GMT

Given that humans often express ideas and feelings in GIF and video form, it should come as no surprise robots want in too. Desktop companion Peeqo ($179) has no truck with giving you the boring, identical spoken responses you get from his comparatively sterile rivals. Instead, this robot feels alive, wiggling his worm-like body, and playing relevant videos or GIFs whenever you set a timer, trigger devices, or ask about the weather. He’s hackable, too – Peeqo comes in kit form, and has a Raspberry Pi for a brain. Pop the top of his head off and you can plug in a keyboard and mouse before hacking away. Although probably don’t be surprised if he responds accordingly when you do.

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