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Netgear’s Orbi mesh Wi-Fi adds 5G to your home for faster browsing without a wired connection

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Mesh networks are mint for house-wide Wi-Fi coverage. One router not enough to reach the extremities of your dwelling? Drop in multiple mesh points to create a single network that blankets your entire abode.

Thing is, while consistent signal means your Wi-Fi won’t drop even if you choose to sit in the far corner of the upstairs spare bedroom, the connection itself is only as fast as the broadband you’re feeding in. Live somewhere without speedy cables? Netgear’s got the answer: 5G.

Netgear’s new Orbi 5G Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System might be quite a mouthful, but its connection speeds shouldn’t stumble. Like all Orbi gear before it, the latest mesh mates promise to cover your pad with Wi-Fi. But the winning addition is a built-in 5G modem for cordless connectivity.

Add a nano SIM of your choice and Netgear reckons you’ll enjoy data speeds of up to 4.2Gbps (on compatible devices), plus 5G’s lower latency rates – without digging up your driveway. You can use 5G to fuel your main network for cordless connectivity, or configure it to function as a backup if your cable broadband goes down.

And because the mesh system supports the more efficient Wi-Fi 6 standard, you should enjoy a quicker, more stable connection for up to 40 devices around the house. Managed and monitored through the Orbi app, a router and single satellite package promises to cover up to 4000 square feet (or more than six rooms) and will set you back £1100 ($1100).

Finally ready to assemble your garden gaming shed? The mesh system is expandable, with each additional satellite adding a further 2000 square feet of coverage – which should be enough for all but the largest lawns.

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