Nanoleaf's Hexagon light panels bring technicoloured joy to your walls

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31 July 2020 / 15:35BST

Honeycomb, metal nuts and footballs all pay homage to the wonderful hexagon, so it stands to reason that Nanoleaf, experts in smart lighting, want a piece of the 6-sided action. With over 16 million colour options, the unique modular and touch-sensitive lighting system will spruce up the dullest of walls. All controlled from the Nanoleaf app, there’s a heap of functions such as ‘sunrise mode’ while eases you into the day with a gentle simulated, you guessed it, sunrise via colours.  Don’t miss the Rhythmic music visualiser popular on the triangular-shaped Nanoleaf panels, which syncs to your music for optimum vibes. Make a like a bee and get yours for £179.99 where you’ll have 9 panels to play with.

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