Miele’s Scout RX2 boldly goes where robot vacuum cleaners haven’t gone before

In space, no one can hear you clean
06 November 2018 / 15:32GMT

Robot vacuum cleaners usually have boring names like SuckBot Pro or Dirt Wizard 5000 but Miele’s latest autonomous tidiers sound more like deep-space probes. The Scout RX2 (£700) has a three-pronged attack against carpet invaders, with rotating brushes both underneath and on the sides to make sure its hungry mouth doesn’t miss a bit. A pair of eye-like cameras and seven infrared sensors on the front allow it to see in 3D and more effectively avoid obstacles, while three more sensors underneath stop it from taking an unscheduled tumble down any stairs. The Home Vision model (£850) can even transmit live video to your phone via the Miele Scout RX2 app, so now you can see exactly what the dog gets up to when you’re not home.

Smart home

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