Makita's coffee maker lets you get a caffeine fix between DIY jobs

No excuses for sleeping on the job any more
22 March 2018 / 16:30GMT

Caffeine-addicted construction workers of the world need never go without a coffee again. Japanese power tool primo Makita has launched a battery-powered coffee maker that can be lugged just about anywhere. It uses the same battery packs as the company’s wide range of power tools, so just snatch the battery from any of your Makita gear, jam it into the catchily-named CM501DZ, and you’re good for up to 5.3 cups of coffee on a single charge. You can whip up a cup of joe from a pre-packed coffee pod, or use your own instant brew. The CM501DZ is on sale in Japan right now for 11,900 Yen (about £80), in your choice of red and blue hues to match your drills, sanders and power saws. You’ve just got to bring your own battery before you can start brewing.

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