Lua is a smart plant pot that wants to be a virtual pet

A little bit potty
12 July 2019 / 15:35BST

Fed up talking to your plants, and the things never responding? Bored of faffing about with virtual pets, since when they cark it, you can just reboot? With Lua (£89), you get the personality of a virtual pet combined with the thrill of actually keeping something real alive. This smarter planter uses a range of sensors to detect how the plant bit is feeling, and conveys that by way of a cartoon face plastered across a 2.4in LCD. If your leafy pride and joy is thirsty, it’ll gasp. Too hot and it’ll start sweating. Leave it in the dark for too long and it’ll turn into a vampire, and (presumably) in its new toothy state work to bring about the end of humanity. (Or maybe it’ll just pipe down and cheerily grin when you move it back into the light.)

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