Logitech's new Harmony Express universal remote is all about Alexa

Talk isn't cheap
16 April 2019 / 11:57BST

Logitech has updated its Harmony range of universal remotes with the voice-centric Express. A brand new all-purpose zapper with Alexa built-in, the Harmony Express ($249) has been designed to let users control their entire home entertainment setup using nothing but their vocal chords. Although it features a few basic buttons, the Express mainly uses a built-in microphone and speaker system to unleash the power of Alexa. Users just need to issue a command using the 'press-and-ask' function to launch streaming apps, access channels, switch devices on and off, find out when their favourite show is next on, or even get the weather. It'll be a tantalising prospect for those who want the convenience of a smart assistant without having to invest in an entire smart home.

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