LightCam is a wires-free security camera that’s also a smart bulb

A bright idea
14 March 2018 / 17:01GMT

The bewildering array of available home security devices might put you right off. But before you set out all your belongings by your door, under a sign that says “I give up”, check out LightCam ($109). Shipping in August, this combination light/security camera aims to marry usability and privacy. To set it up, you position the camera, twist the device into a light fitting, and connect to an app. Then you can create smart motion alerts, record and back-up the 1080p video feed (which doesn’t need a subscription), and communicate with people gawping at LightCam by way of its built-in speaker and mic. So: no fuss, no wires, and no fees. You might say setting it up is light work.

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