Haier’s FD70 Series 7 fridge uses AI smarts to keep your food fresher for longer

Connect to cooler cucumbers
08 September 2021 / 17:09BST

Even with meticulous pantry management, it’s tricky to stop some groceries going bad. And there’s nothing like a peck of past-it peppers to leave you feeling wilted. For clever cooling that keeps food fresher for longer, try Haier’s FD70 Series 7 (from £1199). Shipped in several understated shades, the Wi-Fi fridge’s double doors harbour more than just cold air. Complete a quiz about your shopping habits in the hOn partner app and, like Hal 9000’s culinary cousin, the switched-on chiller will use AI smarts to anticipate temperature timings – so you can always expect a frosty reception when you get back with your bags. You can also set the contents of the ‘My Zone’ compartment for custom cooling, or follow in-app recipes and let the FD70 set the correct level for every stage of prep. LED lighting inside makes it a cinch to pinpoint ingredients, while Air Surround circulation ensures frost-free freshness. There’s even a dedicated Humidity Zone for juicier fruits.

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