Ayi is an Alexa-aware smart mirror ideal for time-poor narcissists and fans of AR

On reflection, it could be good
26 June 2019 / 10:39BST

All too aware massive black rectangles are intruding on our living and working spaces, Ayi ($499) attempts to redress the balance by being a 32-inch smart mirror. So instead of yelling across the room at an Echo, you gaze at your beautiful face while asking Ayi to call a friend, book a taxi, or read your schedule for the day. The crowdfunder page suggests more fanciful interactions are on the way as well, such as trying on AR specs, and going all Minority Report with the touchscreen’s sci-fi UI. And how many other devices do you know that’ll let you check out a YouTube tutorial on making yourself look wonderful, while simultaneously studying your ravishing self, and also shoot some 1080p video of your fabulousness that you can share with your friends?

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